Barca Not Concerned Winning over Arsenal

Dani Alves was willing to risk a gorgeous game that had been attached to Barcelona for the sake of maximum return on Arsenal. The two teams will clash at the Emirates Stadium on Wednesday, February 24th in the first leg 16 of the Champions League.

Barcelona has a positive record against Arsenal in recent seasons. The public also predicts Luis Enrique forces could embarrass even the Gunners at the Emirates Stadium.

“The goal is to win and play well. But, there is always the opposing team to think about, high expectations, the teams are better, teams that play collectively and rely on physical. For us, we will play to win, “said Alves, as published by the livescore123, Tuesday (23/02/2016).

“Sometimes if you want to achieve a remarkable achievement, you have to pass through difficulties. Always fun to play beautiful football, but more beautiful is a victory, “said the Brazil international’s.

In the latest game, Barcelona won 2-1 winning ugly on the team gurem Las Palmas. At that time, Catalans have won by goals from Luis Suarez and Neymar da Silva Santos Junior.

Playing the Fantastic

TURIN – Juventus entertain German club Borussia Monchengladbach in matcday third phase of Group D of the Champions League on Thursday (10/22/2015) early morning hrs. Playing in front of the public itself, the Old Lady failed to achieve full points after being held 0-0.

Shown in the first minute, making Buffon made a new record with the Bianconeri. 37-year-old goalkeeper has played 48 885 minutes with Juventus in all competitions.

“It is satisfying, but the right thing – really satisfying for a player is the success you share with teammates or fans,” said goalkeeper that brought the Italian national team won the world title in 2006, as reported

Buffon also mentions that Monchengladbach deserved points in the J-Stadium.Gladbach rearguard managed to reduce front-line attack Juve.

“We’re probably going to win, if using the rules of boxing. But we do not have a great chance to score, “said Buffon.

“We have more opportunities and pressures, but ultimately, the representative of Germany that won points,” completion.