Joe Biden Will Not in the US Presidential Election

WASHINGTON, – United States Vice President Joe Biden put an end to speculation that had been growing for months by announcing that he would not go forward in the presidential election next year.

Speaking alongside President Barack Obama and his wife Jill, Biden said, the family is still mourning the death of his son, Beau, as a result of brain cancer last May. Politicians are 72 years old also said he believes now is not enough time to prepare and win the nomination at the Democratic Party.

Biden added that although he did not become a presidential candidate, he will not be passive during the campaign. “I will talk firmly and clearly about the position-poisisi our party and where this country will be directed,” Biden said. A number of parties said the decision Biden not to go forward as a presidential candidate will be welcomed by one of the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton.

Former foreign minister helped raise tens of millions of dollars so far and get party support significantly. The wife of Bill Clinton in 2008 ran as the presidential candidate of the Democratic before being removed by Barack Obama.

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