Statue of Buddha on Mars, between Pareidolia and Facts

There is a horrendous news recently, namely a picture of the US Space Agency (NASA) that seems to indicate the existence of a Buddha statue carved from stone Mars.

But apparently, it was more like the shape of a naked woman. According to the UFO hunters, it is a relic of an ancient civilization that showed the presence of intelligence (smart) on Mars. It should be noted, on the website UFO conspiracy, some commentators indicate that ‘the statue of Buddha’ is just one of the (many) can be reached.

Some people might realize that it is just a case of pareidolia – the tendency of the human brain to find a pattern or something which does not actually exist. However, that does not mean there is no life on Mars. In fact, recent reports have shown evidence solid enough about the existence of water on Mars, which at least gave birth to the hypothesis that in place it supports some kind of microbial life.

The chances that Mars was once far wetter and watering of today, should make anyone can not rule anything ever, evolve and survive on Mars at one time.

Why NASA cover up the existence of the sculptures resembles a human on Mars when the planet’s structure will no doubt be able to make the agency was collecting money and public support for launching a manned mission there?

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