Nobel laureate It Reveals Role of Nitric Oxide for Body

Nitric Oxide (NO) or nitric oxide appears to have an important role in the health of the body. NO is found from the research of the scientists from the United States Louis Ignarro and colleagues.

Louis found that NO can dilate blood vessels, thus preventing blockage in the blood vessels and lower blood pressure. NO role is to prevent the occurrence of diseases of heart and stroke. NO research about was not merely to prevent cardiovascular disease.

“NO also can improve memory and learning processes in the brain to prevent dementia,” said Louis.

In addition, NO can maintain the body’s digestive health. In fact, skin health also benefited from the presence of NO in the body. “NO makes the skin smooth, no wrinkles and make you look younger,” said Louis.

NO own discovery began when Louis wants to know how the drug nitroglycerin can lower blood pressure. Nitroglycerin is indeed a drug that has been used for hundreds of years to treat diseases of the heart.Louis said, Nitroglycerin turned out to work in the body to help the production of NO. After that discovery, Louis was researching more about NO.

For five years, Louis looking for nitrous oxide in the human body.Finally, in 1986 it was found that the arteries and veins capable of producing NO. However, a person with age, decreased NO production.

A healthy diet and exercise is the key to keeping the production of NO in the body. Louis was then develop nutritional products that can help the production of NO in the body.

At that time, in the world of pharmacology nobody is interested in studying NO. Therefore, NO itself is not solid and liquid compounds, but in the form of gas. Now, after the known benefits, more and more scientists are interested in the NO and many drug companies to make products made NO.

Starting from curiosity, Louise produce important findings that are beneficial to the health of the world. The finding is this that leads Louis won the 1998 Nobel Prize health field.

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